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Heart of America Newfoundland Club is a community for Newfoundland dog fanciers. We are passionate about this breed and want to share our love for them with others. Our club is dedicated to promoting responsible ownership, breeding, and training of Newfoundlands. We are a fun-loving group of Newfoundlands and their people living in Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Iowa. 

We believe that every Newfoundland deserves a loving home and we work hard to make that a reality.

HANC Board of Directors

President: Debbie Meyer

Vice President: Jessica Cobban

Treasurer: Gary Meyer

Recording Secretary: Paige Casteel

Corresponding Secretary: Patte Testa

Director: Wendy Sparks

HANR Board of Directors

President: Brent Ellis

Vice President: Marissa Vidler

Secretary: Kris Yount 

Treasurer: Patte Testa

Board: Kris Yount

Board: Georgia Buffington

Board: Marissa Vidler

Constitution & Bylaws

The guiding principles that shape our club's collective vision and commitment. 

Our Mission

Our Mission

To encourage, promote and improve the quality of the Newfoundland dog. We do that by focusing on community-based efforts including education, awareness, events and rescue. 


Water Rescue

Everyone should witness the beauty and power of a Newfoundland doing what it was born to do. 

HANC members look forward to summer water practices and the annual water test held Labor Day weekend each year. 

HANC 2023 Draft Test 049.JPG

Draft Work

Our Newfoundlands were bred to pull heavy loads and we enjoy developing the skills and showcasing the bonds built through draft work.

HANC 2023 Draft Test 049.JPG

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