Tracking involves following an aged trail which may contain several turns and include an article "dropped" by the track layer. All dogs can track, and many Newfs have earned their "TD. Several have gone on to the more involved "TDX" level. Many clubs sponsor an annual tracking test, and host tracking seminars as well.

The AKC awards four tracking titles - Tracking Dog (TD), Tracking Dog Excellent (TDX), Variable Surface Tracker (VST), and Champion Tracker (CT). The first three titles only require your dog pass a test once at that level. The final title is automatically awarded to dogs that complete the other three titles. Additionally tracking titles are included as part of the Versatile Companion Dog (VCD) titles.

Newfoundland Club of America: Tracking

AKC Tracking

Recommended reading/videos:

Enthusiastic Tracking by William (Sil) Saunders

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Mastering Variable Surface Tracking: The Complete Training Approach by Ed Presnell

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