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This is NOT a puppies for sale website. Our dogs are first and foremost our family companions. However, we enjoy training our dogs for show, obedience, water and draft work. 

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Heart of America Newfoundland Club 501c7 and 
Heart of America Newfoundland Rescue, Inc. 501c3

Thank you for your interest in joining the Heart of America Newfoundland Club and Heart of America Newfoundland Rescue. Our members are dedicated to all aspects of breeding, raising, showing, training, rescuing, and/or simply just loving this wonderful breed. 

Heart of America Newfoundland Club (HANC) is a social club whose purpose is to promote the improvement and welfare of all Newfoundland dogs. We accomplish this through education of our members and by holding events each year that demonstrate the desired, natural qualities of the breed. Heart of America Newfoundland Rescue, Inc. (HANR) is a separate charitable organization dedicated to the welfare of unfortunate Newfs who are without a permanent, loving home. Membership in HANC includes a complimentary membership in HANR.

HANC members engage in many social activities, and we also encourage everyone to participate in the many volunteer opportunities that both HANC and HANR have to offer. Our members help with events, organize meetings, keep records, conduct workshops, help raise funds, work on various committees, and/or participate in rescue activities such as fostering, transporting, and home checks. There are many ways in which members benefit through education, and members at all skill levels support their club and help attain our goal of preserving the Newfoundland dog breed.

We offer membership at several levels. Please consider your anticipated level of participation and attendance when applying for membership.

Specific requirements for membership are outlined per membership level listed below. In addition, you must obtain the signatures of two sponsors (club members from different households) and agree to abide by the constitution and by-laws of HANC, the by-laws of the Newfoundland Club of America, and the rules of the American Kennel Club. Your signature on the form below will signify that agreement. You will find attached, a copy of our club bylaws and a current Club Calendar (for General Membership) which indicates functions that qualify for membership. Sponsors may be obtained at club functions. All members who are current with dues will be listed in our club’s Member Roster. Current yearly dues must accompany your application.

  • General Membership level includes the right to vote and requires that you assist/participate at one qualifying club function before being approved by vote of the current General Members. For continued General Membership the following year, there will be a minimum requirement of attendance at two qualifying club functions per year. ($25.00)

  • Associate Members are not required to attend any functions and lack voting rights. At least one sponsor must attend the meeting at which their application comes up for vote. ($20.00)

  • Junior Members are persons over the age of 18 who lack voting rights and have no requirements for attendance at functions. At least one sponsor must attend the meeting at which their application comes up for vote. ($20.00)

All members (and their families) may participate at all club functions, and all members receive the HANC newsletter, Heart Line, which contains articles, upcoming events, and other newsworthy items that pertain to our club.

Receipt of your completed form and current dues will begin the application process which is as follows: Once your application requirements are met, your application will be considered by our board members for publication in our next newsletter. After your application is published, a thirty day period will follow in which any member may present in writing any concerns about your qualifications for membership. After this period, if no concerns are presented, your application will be voted on at the next meeting.  

On behalf of the members of HANC and HANR, thank you for your interest in Newfoundland dogs, and for your application to join us. We look forward to having you as a valued member.

Membership Benefits

Or…What bang do I get for my dues buck?


  • Calendar of Events so you won’t miss participating in those events you love.
  • Heart Line e-Newsletter with member-authored reports on past and upcoming events, Club business, photos, brags, memorials and other newsworthy items.
  • Member Roster so you can keep in touch other members.
  • Committee Chair List so you know who to contact about events and what volunteer opportunities exist.
  • Quarterly Meetings to keep up with the latest Club business and upcoming events, and to keep in touch with your fellow members.
  • HANC hosted NCA Events so you can participate with your Newf to earn titles in an area close to home.
  • Workshops those who want to learn something new or practice skills.
  • Fun Day Events for those who don’t show or work their dogs, or those who just want to relax and have fun with their Newfs and other members.
  • Annual Awards Party with a banquet, awards, and brags in recognition of all you accomplished this year and to commemorate your own special occasions.
  • Skilled Mentors who will help you learn about activities, events, training, care and grooming, stewarding, and volunteer opportunities.
  • HANC Merchandise featuring exclusive Club designs, logos or embroidery.
  • Steward Gifts for those who help with our NCA events.
  • Auctions and Raffles for winning or donating those all-important Newf collectibles, toys, and gear.
  • HANC Facebook and Twitter Pages for those who like to keep in touch online.
  • Newf Rescue for an opportunity to become involved in fostering, transporting, or doing home checks for Newfs in need, and for advanced news of Newfs coming into rescue.
  • Public Education Opportunities to talk about your amazing dog and demonstrate responsible dog ownership.

and best of all…
Friendship and Support
from other Newfoundland owners.