​Heart of America Newfoundland Club
April 29 & 30, 2017
Judges: Bethany Garger and Mark Iken

HANC held two back to back DD and DDX tests back at Kemper Outdoor Education Center in Blue Springs MO. This is a wonderful venue with varied terrain and lots of shade and cover. Holding a test in spring in Missouri is always a gamble with the weather. This year we lost the gamble. We held the test in the pouring rain. This weekend was the weekend of the damaging flooding in Missouri.

We had a total of 7 Newf exhibitors and 1 All-Breed exhibitor on Saturday. Sunday we had a total of 4 Newf exhibitors and 1 all-Breed exhibitor.

In spite of the weather our judges and entrants kept their spirits up and had a great time with their dogs. The dogs didn’t mind the weather at all, in fact many were energized by it. The water dogs were in their element. On Saturday everyone showed very well and we had 1 new DD qualifier, 1 TDD qualifier and 1 DD requalifier. Elizabeth Reberk did a remarkable job handling Rylla to a new DD title. This was even more remarkable because Elizabeth didn’t have anyone to train with. She read the
regulations and watched Youtube and successfully trained her dog to pull a cart and maneuver
the course. Great team. Sue Zientara, Doozie and Twister earned their Team Draft title with a
flawless performance in the pouring rain. Sarah McDowell and Bombay maneuvered the course
without any bumps to earn a DD1. The DDX dogs all performed well and were so close, but we
didn’t have any qualifiers either day. And our All-Breed exhibitor, Chris and Sami (Greater Swiss Mountain Dog) gave it their all. Sami was not too fond of the wet and rainy conditions, but this team did great - we are sure they will have that DD title very soon!

The weather on Sunday was slightly better, but unfortunately we didn’t have any qualifiers in DD
or DDX. The teams were so close and it was a pleasure to watch the teamwork exhibited by all.
Thank you to our wonderful judges and exhibitors for preserved through the midwest weather.
Also a HUGE thank you to the stewards and test committee. Without these fantastic volunteers
we couldn’t hold any event.


Longcreek's Doozie of a Storm CD WRD2 DD CGC "Doozie"
GCH CH Longcreek's Flirtin' With Disaster CD RE CGC DD3 WD "Twister"
Handled by Sue Zientara

VN CH Keepsake's Risky Business BN CD RE WRD2 DD "Bombay"
Handled by Sarah McDowell
DD Requalifier (DD1)

Knotty Oaks Adorable Pink Amaryllis "Rylla"
Handled by Elizabeth Reberk
​New DD

HANC 2017 Draft Tests

L to R: Sarah & Bombay, Bethany, Elizabeth & Rylla, Mark, Sue & Doozie and Twister