Researching any breed before adding one to your family is smart and shows good common sense. Newfoundlands are not for everyone and the time you spend on researching the breed and learning if a Newfoundland is right for you, just might safe you, and the Newfoundland, a lot of heartache. Be prepared BEFORE adding a pet to your home and family. Make sure all family members understand all aspects of pet ownership, care, feeding, exercise, etc., and the costs associated with pet ownership. Newfoundlands require a lot of work, time, and money to maintain and veterinary expenses can be quite expensive. Know what the breed standard is, even if you do not plan on participating in conformation shows. This will provide you with some good knowledge when looking at Newfs. Also know what diseases are prevelant in the breed and what health issues reputable breeders screen for. Again, the more knowledge you have, the better equipped you will be when asking questions of breeders. Research, research, research and ask questions - lots of questions! Talk to several breeders, visit the NCA and AKC websites; take the time to learn and to make appropriate plans for you and your Newf.

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What is a Dry Mouth Newf?
answer written by Kerrilee Linklater

"It's a person (usually a male) who drank too much Newfie Screech on a Saturday night and woke up on a Sunday with a "dry mouth." Hence...a dry mouth Newfoundland."

The advertising of "dry mouth" Newfoundland dogs is simply a marketing ploy to sell puppies. There is no such thing as a dry mouth Newf. Newfs drool, some much more than others, some very little.

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