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This is NOT a puppies for sale website. Our dogs are first and foremost our family companions. However, we enjoy training our dogs for show, obedience, water and draft work. 

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HANR, Inc. finds loving, forever homes for the wonderful Newfoundlands that come into our program. First these Newfoundlands are placed into foster homes with club members, evaluated and provided veterinary care. These wonderful Newfs often stay with their foster caretakers for varying lengths of time and this all depends on the level of veterinary care needed and/or training. 

Once these Newfoundlands are ready to go to their Forever Homes, HANR, Inc. takes on the task of finding wonderful homes to match the needs of each individual Newfoundland. This is a process involving several steps, beginning with the completion of an application to adopt. Once the application is received, a HANR representative will contact the prospective adopter(s) and will explain the process.

HANR does not always have Newfoundlands in the rescue program, however when one comes in, more times than not, the veterinary expenses are significant. If you are not interested in adopting a Newfoundland in Need, there are other ways you can help. Please consider donating and volunteering. HANR, Inc. is a non-profit and we rely on donations and fundraising efforts to have the ability to help each Newfoundland coming into our rescue program. We want to give them the best opportunity to have a wonderful life, and it is through the generosity of people that makes this possible. If you would like to donate or volunteer, please contact visit the Rescue - HANR, Inc. page on this website for more information.

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