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This is NOT a puppies for sale website. Our dogs are first and foremost our family companions. However, we enjoy training our dogs for show, obedience, water and draft work. 

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Coco is a spunky purebred female Newf who will turn 11 on Cinco De Mayo in 2019 and
she can't wait to party! She is a one-eyed wonder who is full of love.

Since coming to HANR, Coco has lost weight, improved her mobility, had surgery to
remove an eye that had severe glaucoma, and had an awesome grooming! She is currently
up-to-date on her shots, heartworm preventative and flea and tick preventative.
She will continue to have ongoing medical expenses as she is on daily doses of Rimadyl in
addition to regular preventatives. Whoever gives her a fur-ever home will also need to
keep in mind that she will need to stay on joint supplements and a higher quality diet to
maintain her mobility.
As an older lady, she can be a little stubborn, so patience is a must. If she decides she
doesn't want to move, it will not be easy to move her. And if she wants love, she will be
persistent in asking for it. She also does best with a regular schedule of meals and potty
Coco is currently living in a house where she does not need to use any stairs. While she
has lost a few pounds, she still has a few extra pounds to lose. Make no mistake, she is a
very special dog who will require a very special home.
Our adoption fee is $200.00 for seniors. A fenced yard with a minimum height of 4-feet is
required for adoption.
If you plan on submitting an application and you are out of our region, once your
application is approved we require that you come to our area to meet the dog and foster
family. If that goes well you will be able to take your Newfie home with you.
If you have any question or are interested in adopting Coco please contact Brent at

HANR, Inc. finds loving, forever homes for the wonderful Newfoundlands that come into our program. First these Newfoundlands are placed into foster homes with club members, evaluated and provided veterinary care. These wonderful Newfs often stay with their foster caretakers for varying lengths of time and this all depends on the level of veterinary care needed and/or training. 

Once these Newfoundlands are ready to go to their Forever Homes, HANR, Inc. takes on the task of finding wonderful homes to match the needs of each individual Newfoundland. This is a process involving several steps, beginning with the completion of an application to adopt. Once the application is received, a HANR representative will contact the prospective adopter(s) and will explain the process.

HANR does not always have Newfoundlands in the rescue program, however when one comes in, more times than not, the veterinary expenses are significant. If you are not interested in adopting a Newfoundland in Need, there are other ways you can help. Please consider donating and volunteering. HANR, Inc. is a non-profit and we rely on donations and fundraising efforts to have the ability to help each Newfoundland coming into our rescue program. We want to give them the best opportunity to have a wonderful life, and it is through the generosity of people that makes this possible. If you would like to donate or volunteer, please contact visit the Rescue - HANR, Inc. page on this website for more information.

Meet Nanny!
Nanny came into rescue in July 2018. The story that followed her in was not pretty. She was a mill-
mama, when she could no longer produce they just turned her loose. Fortunately a neighbor took her in
and cared for her but ultimately she was unable to take care of Nanny’s medical needs. The neighbor
estimated her age at 6 based on the number of litters they knew she had. We don’t have a firm date of
birth for her.

Introducing the good life!

Nanny came in almost hairless and emaciated. Her skin, eyes, and ears were infected. The majority of
her front teeth were broken right down to the gum line. Her infections were treated as was the flea
infestation. She was spayed and also had 12 front teeth pulled.
I honestly didn’t think she was even a newf based upon the way she looked so we tested and have the
DNA to prove she is 100% newf.

She gained weight (maybe a tad too much) and she is at 95lbs now. Her hair grew back in and she was a
happy girl with the exception of still being very itchy. She is now doing immunotherapy injections for
allergies, she was given a cytopoint injection for the itchiness and it has worked wonders. She also still
needs weekly medicated baths.

She adapted very quickly to being an indoor pup, she is housebroken, knows how to use a doggy door,
walks well on a leash, gets along with other dogs, people of all ages, she is highly motivated by food and
quite trainable. She reportedly got along fine with cats but has a history of killing chickens. Her back
teeth are in good shape so chomps on her kibble, bones and carrots like a champ. She is a petite/compact little girl truly a pocket newf.

Her heart and soul are characteristic of a typical newf. She does not hold her past against anyone, she is
sweet and loving and seems almost grateful. She may very well be a little higher maintenance than some folks are looking for, she repays your efforts 10-fold and someone is going to be very lucky to get her! Our special needs adoption fee is $200.00. A fenced yard with a minimum height of 4-feet is required for adoption. We cover Western MO., Kansas, Western IA., Nebraska and Northeastern OK. If you plan on submitting an application and you are out of our region, once your application is approved we require that you come to our area to meet the dog and foster family. If that goes well you will be able to take your Newfie home with you.

To request an application or ask any questions please contact Brent at beardogs1@msn.com


My name is Legend and I’m a purebred male Newfoundland. I’m almost 2 1⁄2 years old and I weigh 125
lbs. I'm being cared for in a foster home in Omaha, NE.
My first 2 years I lived with another Newf, a couple of cats, and my mom. Her grandkids visited almost
every day but we didn’t go out much or do anything. She got sick and was unable to care for me any
I came from a good home and my first week in rescue was a little rough. The first day I was scared to
leave home and scared to be in a new house. The 2nd day they took me to a groomer, it was great but still
scary. The third day they took me to be neutered! How rude. All this was too much for me and I bit
another dog and snapped at an 11-year-old boy. I don’t know if I was on edge because of all of the
changes or if I had an adverse reaction to the pain medication I was given after my neuter. I’d never done
anything like this in my previous home. I had to go to boarding for a week. They were very nice to me but
I didn’t like it at all.

Then I got a new foster home! I have lived here peacefully for a month now. I live with 4 other dogs and I
love to play with them. A lot of people have come over to meet me and I love that, I am all about the head
scratch. I am slowly learning how to walk on a leash (I love to pull). I am housebroken and have learned
to use a doggy door. I do not like to be crated and will go to extreme measures to free myself. I am
neutered, up to date on vaccinations and on heartworm and flea & tick preventatives. I am a big, healthy,
handsome guy looking for my forever family!
Our adoption fee is $300.00. A fenced yard with a minimum height of 4-feet is required for adoption.
We're only accepting applications from our territory. We cover Western MO., Kansas, Western IA., and
To request an application or contact us with any questions please use the contact Brent at

In Search of My Forever Home


Available for Adoption

Jewel is a 7 year old purebred, spayed female Newfoundland. She weights 125 lbs, is house broken, crate
trained and up to date on vaccinations and heartworm preventative. She is in a foster home near Omaha,
Jewel is a smart Newfie with a great personality. She can also be a bit quirky, in that she will get into
things she shouldn’t and counter surfs. She has a paper fetish and will chew up toilet paper rolls, kleenex
and paper towel rolls if she gets a chance. She is very loving and sweet but can be a little stubborn at
times. She loves going for car rides! We use an easy walk harness for walks because she pulls on a leash.
Jewel is great with kids, adults and other dogs. She’s not the best with cats. She will chase them if they
When she came into rescue she has some ear issues, we changed her over to a fish based diet and that has
helped. She still needs to have her ears cleaned every few days but they are getting better.
She does okay on a short run of stair but will not do well on a long run of stairs or steep stairs.
Jewel will need a home where she is not left alone very often for long periods of time. She will need an
experienced dog proofed home preferably one with another dogs or dogs.
Our adoption fee is $300.00. A fenced yard with a minimum height of 4-feet is required for adoption.
We are only accepting applications in our region at this time. We cover Nebraska, Kansas, Western
Missouri and Western Iowa.
To request an application or contact us with any questions please email Brent at beardogs1@msn.com