We do a lot for our Newfoundlands!


We want you! Whether it's drowning at a water test, stewarding for a draft test or hosting a club event, we need you. And so do our Newfoundlands.

president: gretchen hartman

vice president: Everett Ward

recording secretary: Gary walker

corresponding secretary: sarah mcdowell

treasurer: jane kasten

director: hillary bias

director: peggy pack


We're continually working hard for Newfoundlands in need throughout the region. If you're interested to see what we've been doing recently (especially if you want to help), check out HANR, Inc..

Mission & Vision

We have a simple, but robust mission: To encourage, promote and improve the quality of the Newfoundland dog! We do that by focusing on community-based efforts including education, awareness, events and rescue. We want to make a difference.

Officers & Board of Directors
Officers & Board of Directors

president: brent ellis

vice president: terri simmons

secretary: kris yount

treasurer: patte testa

director: suzi bidwell

director: mary rich

director: jocelyn hawley

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