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This is NOT a puppies for sale website. Our dogs are first and foremost our family companions. However, we enjoy training our dogs for show, obedience, water and draft work. 

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HANC 2021 Draft Test

May 1 & 2, 2021

HIstoric Wommack Mill Grounds

38 S Main St.

Fair Grove, MO 65648

Chair: Sarah McDowell
Secretary: Jean Cobban
Third Committee Member: Wendy Sparks

Please join HANC for our 2021 Draft Tests on Saturday and Sunday, May 1 and 2 at the Historic Wommack Mill in Fair Grove, MO. We offer an NCA Draft Test (DD), an NCA Advanced Draft Test (DDX)  both days. Our judges are Mark Iken and Heidi PetersonKarrie Cook. For details, see our Premium List. It includes deadlines, entry forms, schedules and contacts.

You have plenty of time to get your dog ready for the test. Please consider volunteering to work the tests. We are in need of Stewards, as well as help for set-up, meals, the brown bag auction and the registration table.

Contact Test Chair, Sarah McDowell with questions about the test or to volunteer. For more information about NCA Draft Tests, go towww.ncanewfs.org/working/draft/index.htm.   

It takes a lot of people to put on a draft test. Please consider volunteering to help. We'll need lots of stewards to run the test, including some to walk the 1-mile freight haul at least once per day. Experience is not required. Stewarding a test is a great way to learn about carting with your dog. We will also need other volunteers, besides stewards, to help with the test.
For more information about an NCA draft test, visit NCANewfs.org. Follow the working dog link. Please see the attached draft test premium list for  details about the test and entry forms. If you can volunteer to work the test or if you have questions, please contact Test Chair, Sarah Mcdowell

Volunteers, we need you!!! You do not have to be a member to volunteer! This is a great opportunity to come out and see Newfoundlands performing Draft Work! HANC members, please volunteer to help with our Draft Tests, your experience is needed to help new members and potential members learn about the breed and club events. 

We need lots of help (setup, hospitality, freight haul  stewards, and are very grateful to all those who volunteer to help put on our club events. ​​