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The Heart of America Newfoundland Club exists principally to serve the Newfoundland dog and its fanciers in Kansas, Western Missouri, Northeastern Oklahoma, Southwestern Iowa, and Southeastern Nebraska, but is open to anyone who has an interest in Newfoundland Dogs.

Membership in a Regional Newfoundland Dog club is the best way to enjoy the many benefits of Newf ownership and to learn from experienced owners, whether you are interested in conformation, draft work or water work, therapy work, rescue or Newfs as pets.

We offer different levels of membership, and encourage all members of your family to participate in our many Club functions such as working events, picnics, parades, workshops, and social gatherings.

Please refer to our Calendar for a listing of current events. We also publish a bi-monthly electronic newsletter, the Heart Line, which is available only to members of our Club.

If you have an interest in joining, please email our Membership Chair (newfs@kc.rr.com) and request that an application be sent to you. Be sure to read the instructions, fill in and bring your application to one of our events, so we can get your application process started.
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The Heart of America Newfoundland Club is a recognized Regional Club, centrally located in the United States,
affiliated with the Newfoundland Club of America.

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